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Who Is Dj Gecko?

Eric Daniel Mendoza Artistically Known As “Dj Gecko”, CEO of “Latin Sounds Music”, Was Born In 1994 In Ventura, California. Dj Gecko’s Career Started In 2007. At The Time Crunk Cumbias Where Revolutionizing The Genre Of Cumbia. Dj Gecko Has Always Been Intrigued In Changing The Music Monotone To It’s Highest Potential, So He Decided To Start Remixing In 2007. He Gained A Lot Of Youtube Views And Supporters, This Was When He Was In Middle School And Youtube Was Barely Growing On The Internet And Was Becoming A Big Platform For Any Niche. Therefore Views Where Harder To Get, But That Didn’t Stop Dj Gecko From Putting His Right Foot Inside The Music Industry. Eric Started Growing A Fan base From YouTube And MySpace And Migrated To Facebook And SoundCloud Leaving His Original Social Media Obsolete. Even Though Some Fan Base Was Lost Dj Gecko Then Managed To Start Growing In SoundCloud Just As He Did In YouTube.


Later In 2010 As He Kept His Remixes Consistent, A New Genre Initiated In Mexico Made It’s Way To The U.S. , Named "Tribal". The Genre Consisted Of Cumbia Elements Combined With Latin Prehispanic Sounds, But Later Crossed Over With Electronic Sounds. Tribal Also Has Its Sub-Genres And The Type Of Tribal That Intrigued Gecko The Most Was Tribal Fusioned With Electronic Sounds. He Then Finds Someone On A Remixing Blog Page Who Introduces Him To The Program "Fl Studio". A Program That Allows You To Compose Music, But This Was A Big Hassle For Him Since He Did Not Have Any Music Theory Or Rhythmic Dictation Knowledge. Eric Spent Hours Messing With Fl Studio And Tried His Hardest To Learn And Teach Himself, Since No One Would Lend Him A Hand. He Then Started To Decipher The Program And The Basics Of Music Theory. Dj Gecko Never Imagined That This Uprising Genre Would Mark And Impact The Latin Community As It Did.


Dj Gecko Analyzed, Examined And Broke Down The Genre From 2010-2012, Until Mid 2012 He Understood His Incomparable Style Was Different And That The Sonority Was Not The Same As Other Producers. Since He Had So Many Genres In Which He Was Influenced By. Thanks To The Genre And His Content The Year 2012 Was Indeed His Highest Peak As A Trending Latin Artist With The Tribal Genre. During This Time Gecko Met A Lot Of Producers From The Internet Thanks To His Masterpieces He Would Releases On SoundCloud. He Then Met Dj Fla$h And Dj Pinpon Where They Had Started Their "FTKZ" Production Crew, But As Mentioned Gecko Always Had The Mentality Of Growing And Since He Was A New Member Integrating To Their Project He Decided To Come Up With, What Would Be An Iconic Record Label, Latin Sounds Music. They All Agreed That It Was A Great Name, So They Started A Journey As A Team And Made Various Hits. Along The Journey They Picked Up Other Passionate Producers Such As : Dj Geomixx, Alan Mendoza, Dj Mortal, Dj Jabo MTY, Xtremo Poder, And Many More. The Team Was A Huge Success. Although Gecko Was In The Team He Managed, He Also Had Side Projects He Would Finish As An Individual. Throughout The Tribal Remixes And Original Compositions In 2012 It Gained Him A Lot Of Respect And Recognition Amongst Other Producers Who Helped Him Grow From Collaborations. Alongside Him He Grew With And Collaborated With:  Dj Tamalero, Dj Regio, Los Maniatikoz, Dj Sonidito Mix, Dj David, Dj Glow, Dj Misa, Dj Fla$h, Dj Pinpon, Dj Juice Dallas, Dj Geomixx, Dj Jabo Mty, Chunti, , And Many More!


As Time Flew By, The Popularity Of The Genre Started To Saturate And The Genre Started To Sadly Decline From Its Peak. Due To Poor Productions, People Where Wanting To Be Part Of The Movement, And Too Many "DJ's" Who Didn't Incorporate Any Passion Into Their Music Production. They Where Either There For The Money, Or What They Call "Clout" [Recognition]. The Genre Slowly Faded Away In 2013 After 3BALL MTY Hit Single "Intentalo", Which Was A Big Hit Indeed. All The Producers Then Started To Handle Life And Just Left The Music Production Scene. Dj Gecko As Passionate As He Was For Music Composition, He Continued To Dedicate His Time And Experiment With Various Genres, As He Was

One Of The Few Producers Left.


2014 Then Came Along And Dj Gecko Had Just Graduated From High School. He Was Going To Encounter College, But He Wasn't So Sure What He Wanted To Pursue In Life, Since In School All He Liked Was Math Class And Computer Science/Maintenance. He Had A Art Teacher Named Ms. Davis , Which Played A Big Role In Guiding Eric's Career Towards What Would Help Him Become A Stronger Musician/Producer. She Knew Eric Was Really Into Music, And Recommended Him To Get Into A SRT Associates/Diploma Degree, Which Was a New Career To Pursue In The Community College. Eric Did Accept The Recommendation Of His Teacher And Registered As A SRT Major. The Sound Recording Technology Didn't Really Help Eric In All Aspects Since He Learned Most Of Those Fundamentals In His Production Software. Music Theory, Rythm Dictation And Ear Training However Were A Tremendous Challenge For Dj Gecko. Eric Had Never Played An Instrument And Also Did Not Know A Thing About Music Scales. Eric Also Struggled In Ear Training, But Thankfully For Music Production And Appreciating All Types Of Music Genres He Managed To Make Tips And Tricks Into Helping His Ear Get Trained Properly. Eric Was So Into Music Theory, Once He Was Learning, That He Always Went Home And Tried To Incorporate Any Knowledge He Would Learn In Class Into His Compositions. He Studied And Trained Hard And Thanks To All The Teachers Eric Gained A Lot Of Experience And Knowledge To Help His Career. Among All The Teachers He Admires And Respects Mr. Greer For Pushing Him And Helping Him As He Was Clueless In The Music Theory World. Mr. Greer Helped Eric Read Music, Ear Train, Write Scores, And Much More. Even Though It Sounds Like A Wonderful Journey It Wasn't Easy. There Was Also Downfalls To Eric's Career And A Lot Of Sacrifices. Eric Failed An Ear Training Course Once And Also Had Trouble Finding An Instrument That He Could Play. He Tried Acoustic Guitar And It Didn't Go Well. He Later Was Trained In Playing Piano Which He Enjoyed. He Also Learned Alto Sax Witch Left A Lot Of People Speechless Because Eric Was Catching Along Pretty Well For Being A Beginner. While He Was In School Learning, Eric Also Managed A Full Time Job And A Full Time Student Lifestyle. At One Point He Managed To Work 2 Full Time Jobs And Go To College At The Same Time. After Four Years Of Studying As A Sound Recording Major, And You May Ask Why It Took Him Four Years Well He Had Minor Setbacks Just Like Any Other Student Who Isn't Getting His Tuition Payed By Family And Also His Minor Setbacks In English and Ear Training. He However Was Really Happy About Graduating And Also Sad Because He Always Had Questions About Music Theory That Never Got Covered.


2017 Came Along And Gecko Had Graduated, So He Decided To Just Work And Build On Money. Little Did He Realize He Was Pushing Himself Away From Working His Dream Job, To Work For Somebodies Dream Job. (Read That Again Carefully). Gecko Did Not Know 100% Of The Business Side Of Music And That Also Caused Him To Distance Himself From Music. Gecko Also Committed Another Mistake In Life That Would Impact Him From Making Music, Getting A Truck With A Car Loan. He Was Then Obligated To Work A Job Until The Full Amount Was Payed Off. 


Dj Gecko Later Became More Aware Of Monetization As A Musician And Learned To Squeeze The Lemon To Get The Most Out Of His Music Compositions/Productions. He Also Seen That A Lot Of People Who Supposedly Supported Him Actually Took Advantage Of Him To Make Money Out Of His Music. Gecko Then Decided To Copyright All Of His Music To Avoid That Issue Again.


Around 2018 He Was Only Working And Playing Playstation 4. Where He And Other Ex Producers Of The Tribal Genre Would All Get On And Play Fortnite Or Call Of Duty. However That Is Where Diego, Dj Pinpon, And Gecko Reunited And Decided To Work On A New Project Since They Knew Huapangos Was On The Comeup And They Wanted To Crossover Rythms And Bring Back Tribal. They Talked About It And Never Started Until Someone Beat Them To Their Idea But Not As Quite As Gecko Had Imagined It, So One Day As They Where Playing Games He Got Off The Gaming Console And Started To Make Their First Hit "Zapateale" Where They Crossed Tribal And Huapango With Vocals Of Dj Luna Mty, Which Gecko Had Just Met On Facebook. The Song Was Going To Be Successful No Matter What, Gecko Said. He Promoted The Song And Himself Towards The North Carolina Bound Since He Knew He Was Once A Hot Producer There. The People Accepted It And A Few Made Fun Of Gecko's Ideas, But Little Did They Know The Story Of Gecko. Eric Soon Started To Grow On Instagram Since It Was The Last Social Media He Used Besides Soundcloud. Eric Started To Grow His Dj Gecko Instagram Page And Thanks To Everyone Who Supported Him, The year 2018 Was Becoming A Success. Followed By The Song "Zapateale" They Later Released "Kua Kua" Which Escalated In Views Quickly On Youtube. That Is When Eric Realized He was Starting To Trend On Social Media. He Didn't Even Have A Youtube Channel At The Moment, And He Realized He Had To Take Advantage Of All The Attention His Music Was Getting To Brand Himself, So He Started To Engage More On Instagram And He Also Got His Secondary Youtube Running Again. At The Moment Without Him Promoting, He Realized Another Song From The Past Was Trending Titled "Tribal Madness" - Dj Gecko & Chunti. He Decided To Release Most Of His Hits And Take Advantage Of Promoting All His Social Media With His Music And Released The Compilation Album Titled: Ritmoz Latinoz [The Complete Collection Part. 1].


2020 Arrives and Dj Gecko Makes A Bigger Impact in The Latin Community With His Dance Monkey Cumbia Remix, Which Racks More Than 1Million+ Views On Youtube. A Hit By Tones And I Crossed Over To A Very Groovy Cumbia Created By The One And Only Dj Gecko. Later in 2020 he discovers that another song like Dance Monkey Cumbia Remix Goes Viral On TikTok Aswell, But this time its an original song titled Trokiando Kuh A Collaboration With Chunti , Another Latin Sounds Music Member. This Other Song However Was Tribal , A Genre Most People Think Is Dead However They Managed to Rack Up Some Views. Dj Gecko Later Continues To Push Awesome Remixes And Original Compositions And Is Now Getting Millions Of Views On His Youtube Channel, Fan Channels, Zumba Channels, Dance Choreography Channels, And More!.


... And Well That's Dj Gecko And A Little Insider Of How He Started, How He Progressed, And The Rest Happening Now You Can Experience It Across His Social Media And His Music On Digital Platforms!


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